Loft horoscopes sagittarius

Your home will be a happy haven for family and friends; they will naturally gravitate there to celebrate special occasions or simply hang out and soak up the good vibes. Family ties can deepen. Some Leos will welcome a new addition to the family. Venus visits your domestic zone September 9 through October 4; both you and your home will sparkle. Venus goes retrograde October 5 until November 16 — not the best time to buy a house or move. Venus graces your home again, December 2 through January 7, guaranteeing the holidays will be dazzling.

Circle August 19 for a family gathering. Change-at-all-cost Uranus has spent seven years in Aries and your ninth house of travel and education.

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May 15 Uranus enters Taurus and your career zone. If you were secretly planning to leave your job but were waiting for the right time, you may not have a choice. On the other hand, you could get a promotion, a raise, or switch careers altogether; you may even be responsible for a breakthrough in your chosen field or discover an innovative approach to your work. The Taurus new moon happens May 15; watch for professional opportunities around this time. Something may appear that takes you by surprise.

Saturn moved into Capricorn and your zone day-to-day work and wellness December 20, and will remain here for two and a half years. Your responsibilities may increase but so will your skills. Pluto is also in this area since and both of the planets can assist you becoming more disciplined, focused, and structured.

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April 29, May 11and September 11 are. Wealthy Venus in your financial zone reaches out to both Saturn and Pluto in your work zone July 13 and May 16, the day after Uranus enters Taurus, aggressive Mars bolts into rebellious Aquarius and your zone of one-to-one relationships - for five full months!

It will be there May 16 through August 12 and again from September 10 through November This could test even the strongest bonds. You may feel a sudden urge for more freedom. Jupiter adds an entire year to work your singular magic on the world.

Raise your game — in you won't regret failures, only ducked attempts at success. Integrity is the key to triumph. Your valentine: accept the obvious.

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A new Moon in Aquarius eases your dealings with colleagues and promotes your role as team leader and go-to fixer. Be accessible. Unless you're creeping back to a used-to-be lover, the backslide of Mars puts romance on a wait-and-see basis until March. Your valentine: not altogether available — in the closet, perhaps, or just reluctant. A new Moon conjunct Neptune highlights the power of self-promotion and the advantages of giving the public what it wants. Since the flipside of this combination is scandal, tread warily. Collective enterprises remain much favoured for the rest of ; upstanding cooperative principles are preferred over mere mutual back scratching.

Your valentine: on the team! A new Moon in your ninth house favours idealism and distant horizons including people from afar while Jupiter in your 10th for the rest of augurs lucky breaks at work… and lucky liberations from it. Your valentine: top girl or top banana. Today's new Moon concerns both the advantages of reshuffling your financial arrangements, and the hazards of dodgy money deals.

Jupiter makes travel, perhaps surprisingly, a theme for — happy trails! Friend's Email Address.

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Loft horoscopes sagittarius
Loft horoscopes sagittarius
Loft horoscopes sagittarius
Loft horoscopes sagittarius
Loft horoscopes sagittarius
Loft horoscopes sagittarius

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